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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Prevail Freestyle

Found this over on the official boards. It's seperated in two different files, sorry!
Part 1
Part 2


A few months ago I downloaded a trial version of Adobe Photoshop. I hadn't had any experience using it before so after a few simpsons pics I made, I decided to do one of Mad. Here it is. Im very proud of the tattoo on his right arm. It took me a while o get it to look like the real thing. It's hard to see in this picture, because it had to be resized to fit, but it says "til death do us part." Besides his weird ass hands, i'm pretty satisfied with the outcome. Even more so now, which will be explained later.

Lady Venom Music Video

This is the song that got me hooked on SM. So Sick

Interview with Prev

Hey there. I Haven't updated this site in a while, but I found this nice little interview with prevail a little while back and figured it should be posted.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

S+M Background

Just threw this piece together while waiting for Black Magic to come out. I'm very new to Photoshop, but this was easy and makes a good background with the proper dimensions. In the next few weeks there will be more. I threw in a ripple filter, which may or may not look like the cropping was done incorrectly, but it's all good. I think it fits the text on the top perfectly.

Lyrics - Dynamite

Prevail-Reefer Madness, Kief and Black Hash, a little bit of oil on the paper I like Dat, come on man light that,
The Amsterdam Flame, NYC Diesel, Kali Kush to the Brain. So many strains in my life so Chill, take a bong load listen to some cypress hill. My mind is filled, head space stays creative, music plays in my skull til i recreate it.

Madchild-Dont Make me angry, my skin goes green, BLAM! throw man through a window screen. Love me or hate me no in between all my friends grow indo in B.C. Get so high, just can't take it, walk through my house with a sharp knife naked, i'm paranoid and i can't stop shakin' now it's all good though, i smoke jamaican

Prevail-No stems and seeds, sticky and fruity, some are blonde and others ruby red headed beauties. Dubies and blunts, the pipe, the vaporizer, 25 and 8th from my favorite supplier. I'm higher than Hendrix when he made Purple Haze, I'm long as i got herb to blaze i'm in a good mood attitude extremely positive, it's like i'm in a dream and the greens the cause of it

Madchild-It gets intense, stick of incense, roll that/hit that shit to get bent. Smoke and I feel like i leap through time, speak to my mind I creep through the vine. Sometimes I might have a tough time breathin' think my hearts gonna stop for no reason. I just try to sit back relax and zone out, bring bad energy my way ya get thrown out.

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